Self-learning Programmes für sichere Patientendaten

09.05.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


Not only humans are able to absorb experiences - self-learning software can possibly collect further knowledge, too. An article in RUBIN focusses on the research work of Prof. Hans Simon's group, which investigates in such intelligent software to process medical data. Self-learning software (including appropriate IT security) are planned to help creating valuable statistics and prognosis without harming the patients' privacy.

IT Security on Film

06.05.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


Visit us on Youtube! To save some impressions of our multi-faceted events and to distribute current research outcome to a broader public, we collaborate with RUBcast. RUB's media service documents the contributions of our invited speakers. Our "starter kit" contains various footage from FSE (Workshop on Fast Software Encryption). Talks and tutorials from our latest UbiCrypt Spring School SYMMETRIC CRYPTOGRAPHY will follow shortly.

IT Security between Man and Machine

29.04.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


The Group for Digital Signal Processing investigates into acoustic captchas: for internet users with visual impairment these auditive encryptions supply a neccessary alternative to visual authentication methods. Prof. Dorothea Kolossa and Hendrik Meutzner work at the cutting point between human and automatic recognition in order to prohibit speech recognition pattern software by implementing captchas that can be understood by human ears only.

Documentary on VW affair

26.04.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


The current affair around automobile manufacturer VW continuosly gains more and more attention as the dimension of the exhaust deception is getting uncovered. A recent documentary on NDR (in German) explores the case among others from a technical and juridical perspective. Prof. Thorsten Holz from the Horst Görtz Institute is among the team of international experts and examines the file from the point of view of IT Security.

Networking for Women in IT Security

26.04.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


The traditional "6th International Workshop on Cryptography, Robustness, and Provably Secure Schemes for Female Young Researchers" this year takes place at TU Darmstadt framed by the Security and Privacy Week. The Horst Görtz Institute and UbiCrypt were glad to host the event in Bochum in 2014 and again support CrossFyre this year. Of course, male young researchers from all areas of IT Security are also warmly invited to participate.

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